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Well, a whole ten days.

I would like to personally thank "Scrubs" (an older episode) for the concept of "brinner". Jason and I have been doing around an every other weds night Brinner. What is brinner? Brinner is the lovely concept of 'breakfast for dinner' - it may not be new, and probably wasn't even invented by Turk from Scrubs, but since it has a name, and we we like to watch Scrubs, it stuck in our heads. A month or two ago, we were trying to figure out dinner, we had nothing really dinner like handy, and we were like 'hey, lets do brinner!" so we had eggs, bacon and something else breakfasty and it was delicious.

last night I made steak, over easy eggs, sliced tomatoes, hashbrowns with onion, peppers and garlic, and cut up some oranges for brinner. It was heavenly. There's something magical about medium-rare steak run through a runny egg yolk and hot sauce.


I have decided that we need new wide, shallow serving bowls just for the purpose of being able to eat hashbrowns with eggs and steak on top of them in a compact dish instead of flat plate.

For my birthday next weekend, I have decided that I really want to do Paintball. With dinner before or after, however it works at a place most people can at least go to celebrate if they can't afford/do paintball later/earlier.

I haven't done paintball in too long. I need to clean up my gun and buy some new ammo, as I'm sure anything that I may currently own will be hard and rock-like.

I did some pricing on putting together some sort of home gym to take up part of the garage. I think I'm going to start keeping an eye out for craigslisting for gym equipment that people just want to get rid of. Newer weights are $1 per pound on average, and used ones are .50 per lb on average, but every used bar or plate that I've seen at play it again Sports looks like crap. And most of the new weights are all made in china, which is mind boggling to me. If I have to buy stuff made in china, maybe I can ate least buy someone else's' second hand gym. And disinfect the hell out of it.

Has anyone ever use the fill with sand type weights? how are they?
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