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So, has anyone on my friends' list worked with liquid latex before?

I'm pondering doing that Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas shot before spring, while everything is bare, cold and nasty.

However, if I do it, I'd like to go full on coverage with liquid latex (need to double check my supply of blue paint too). I don't know if it would be better to make the skin seams out of latex and then apply it to my skin, or apply them as I'm getting ready and try to blend the latex into the color of my (blue) skin. I'd like to do the stitches in the skin seams as well.

I can't cover my entire body in fabric (she is a ragdoll) but I'd like to paint and latex on my arms and legs to match my face, rather than necessarily doing gloves.

If I do the arm/leg coverage route, I need new fabric, or extra long gloves I can modify. The fabric I currently have really doesn't look very good, and doesn't match the color of my body paint. From a distance, it may not make much difference if I do bodypaint or arm/leggings, but I still run into the problem of matching colors.

If I do the all over latex route, I can go for extra creepyness with the raised stitches on my arms and legs, which appeals to me much more, but it will HAVE to be blended right.. Arm covers with stitches is still just arm covers.. and to me, it's (usually) pretty obvious when someone is wearing gloves for a costume instead of paint on the hands.

Ehn.. Anyone want to be a make-up assistant for this shot when it gets organized?

found this.. looks cool http://www.cutoutandkeep.net/projects/fake_skin_for_stitches_scars_etc

maybe I can do giant patches..
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