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So I'm at work, watching the snow (slowly) pile up.

The original forecast was for 5-10 inches, and we have about 2, currently. Work must have thought it was going to be super serious because they sent someone out to the grocery store. They came back with 30 loaves of bread, about 4 gallons of crunchy and smooth peanut butter, 15 bottles of squeeze jelly/jam, 8 large boxes of pop-tars, 3 bags of chips, 6 packs of store brand cookies, 3 packs of 12 mini-blueberry muffins, 8 boxes of store brand apple nutra-grain bars, 3 pounds of ham, 3 large packs of fake sliced cheese food, mayo, mustard, and.. uh. 3 bags of apples. (woo! some actual fruit!)

My brain catalogs weird things. I didn't actually stand there and count everything, it just sticks in my brain.

Anyway, no pizza this time, but at least everyone can have sandwiches if we're snowed in at the station for a week.

They told everyone to pack a bag too, so if something freakish happens and we actually do get another 8 inches of snow during my shift and I can't get home, I have my DS, a Conan book, a sketch pad, and of course, the internet. And a pillow. :shrug:

My boss is happy that I followed the email instructions of bringing some sort of overnight bag, so that's good.

I may get overtime tomorrow. My other graphics co-workers all live further away than I do, so for safety reasons, it'd be best for me to go home an come back tomorrow or stay in a hotel a block away (paid by company) and work someone else's shift tomorrow. The snow isn't AS BAD as they thought it'd be, so it's up to my co-worker and his ability to get out of east bumfuck to get here, so we'll see.

I was hoping to have a snuggly weekend with husby, but overtime is nice too.

On the bright side, this is only really the second time since I've worked here that the weather policy has actively worked against me. We're a news station, so everyone who is schedule better damn well be here. We don't close for anything, period. If someone can't make it due to weather, they must either take an unpaid day off or use vacation time (not sick time). Fortunately, I got in okay, and last time, though the last time this happened, it was more ice on the ground, I was driving my tank BMW, and had a hell of a time getting to work. This time wasn't so bad, just nerve wracking when a car in front of us fishtailed across 3 lanes of empty road.

Also, snow on my birthday! yay!

::UPDATE:: overtime is confirmed. yay!
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