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Today is day one of starting Louie and Shoney on glucosamine. Web reading indicates that there isn't anything out there that says 'yes, this will definitly help your cat', it just depends from cat to cat or animal to animal. You never know if a good review on Amazon is from an employee of the company, but I've heard good things about giving glucosamine to elderly cats, so we've got our fingers crossed.

As per the greenies pill pockets, we also bought the 'dog' glucosamine since you get four times as much for half the price (same thing with pill pockets - 30 'dog' pockets cost the same as 30 'cat' pockets are are four times as big), with the exact same ingredients. The product is also made in USA so yay. (not china). Shoney is on 250 mg and Louie is on 125 mg per day, as Shoney is 22 lbs and Louie is only about 10.

Various websites claim that it'll take a few weeks to notice any difference. If there is one, it'll likely show up in Shoney first, since he's the one who seems to be suffering the most from arthritis and old kitty age. I really hope it works for the poor old guy. If there's no effect for eight weeks, we'll switch to another brand or two first before giving it up altogether. The doggie stuff is nice because the dry tablets break apart easily and can be wrapped up in pill pockets and nommed handily, no forcing a pill down anybody's throat (more yay).

So we'll see how it goes, I guess. I have hopes. The main difference is that this brand doesn't have conjointin (spelling?) in it, just glucosamine, manganese, vitamin C and something called MSM. So I don't know if we'll need that too or not. It's a 'therapeutic' thing, since there's no proving or disproving whether or not it actually helps, so the vet can only suggest it, not prescribe.

PS - if you have a pet and have never tried pill pockets? they're incredible. They're soft, malleable 'pocket' shaped treats that can be formed around a pill. Even our cats will gobble whole pills down on their own if it's wrapped in one of those things. The pockets are very soft and we break up the dog ones into 5 or 6 cat ones, so they aren't getting a huge amount of treat every day either. Sometimes we do give them pieces of pill pocket as a treat so they won't always suspect it contains pills or other nasty tasting meds.
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