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I think I'm going to throw all the pillows in the trash and burn them.

It's funny how you don't really realize there's an issue with something you own and rely on until your brain takes over for you and throws your pillows on the floor in the middle of the night and you wake up with just blankets. My enjoyment of getting an extra hour of sleep last night was destroyed by my complete lack of decent sleep. I still have a headache and my tummy doesn't feel great. I stayed up a LITTLE later to finish my fashion show stuff, but not as bad as DragonCon.

My two outfits are more or less complete. If they take me again next year, I think I'm going to do a dress that looks nothing like it could be a steampunk outfit. I kind of want to completely remake the skirt to something smoother and more modern, but at the same time, it's suppose to be art-to-wear, so I ended up making it more costumey. Either way, my Boys&Girls contact and my Model both love my outfits, so maybe I'm not too far off the mark. I don't know. My hat for the ready-to-wear did not get finished because it was a total failure, and I may rework the art-to-wear hat depending on how it shows up in photos.

My anxiety was all over the fucking place yesterday.

I took a few breaks to play X-Com, Enemy Unknown on PC. It's a remake of the original game, and pretty good. I've named all of my regular troops after ponies. I swear it wasn't intentional, but I have mostly female troops and only 2 significant males that get rotated out. Lt. Rainbow Dash is my best sniper. She is insanely good. I don't have a Rarity because I can't picture her in armor. Pinkie Pie throws rockets. I also swear I didn't pick their specialties - it just worked out that way. The game also assigns nicknames to troops automatically after a handful of missions, so those are pretty funny too.

Yay.. I think the Aleve is finally kicking in.. I'm starting to feel slightly more human again.
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