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I think I'm going to throw all the pillows in the trash and burn them.

It's funny how you don't really realize there's an issue with something you own and rely on until your brain takes over for you and throws your pillows on the floor in the middle of the night and you wake up with just blankets. My enjoyment of getting an extra hour of sleep last night was destroyed by my complete lack of decent sleep. I still have a headache and my tummy doesn't feel great. I stayed up a LITTLE later to finish my fashion show stuff, but not as bad as DragonCon.

My two outfits are more or less complete. If they take me again next year, I think I'm going to do a dress that looks nothing like it could be a steampunk outfit. I kind of want to completely remake the skirt to something smoother and more modern, but at the same time, it's suppose to be art-to-wear, so I ended up making it more costumey. Either way, my Boys&Girls contact and my Model both love my outfits, so maybe I'm not too far off the mark. I don't know. My hat for the ready-to-wear did not get finished because it was a total failure, and I may rework the art-to-wear hat depending on how it shows up in photos.

My anxiety was all over the fucking place yesterday.

I took a few breaks to play X-Com, Enemy Unknown on PC. It's a remake of the original game, and pretty good. I've named all of my regular troops after ponies. I swear it wasn't intentional, but I have mostly female troops and only 2 significant males that get rotated out. Lt. Rainbow Dash is my best sniper. She is insanely good. I don't have a Rarity because I can't picture her in armor. Pinkie Pie throws rockets. I also swear I didn't pick their specialties - it just worked out that way. The game also assigns nicknames to troops automatically after a handful of missions, so those are pretty funny too.

Yay.. I think the Aleve is finally kicking in.. I'm starting to feel slightly more human again.
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So, despite the fact I have to change in the bathroom at work, I packed a change of gym clothes so I could go running instead of walking on my lunch break.  I'd taken some time off after I hurt my foot, but I managed to walk the last two days. I feel a little silly doing it, but I did it! I changed in the bathroom, exited the building, set zombie mobs to 'on', and started jogging.

My asthma did not entirely agree with this decision, but I did pretty well. I didn't sweat too much, and I ran or jogged when the voices tell me to, which is pretty often. I out-jogged one mob of zombies without too much difficulty.  On the way back, with thankfully good timing, a second mob of zombies appeared on my ass, while I was already running.

The way the game determines if you evade a zombie mob is that you have to increase your current speed by 20%. I was already running, not flat out, but already chugging along pretty well.  Again, my asthma was not thrilled with me, but I out ran the second mob of zombies :) ( for the record, it doesn't affect game play at all if you run or walk. This is my third time through playing the missions, so my rule for this time is - obey the voices, run when they tell you to)

I completed mission 1 for the third time around, in 3.09 miles and 42 minutes. Not great time, I know, but I'll do better tomorrow when I have my inhaler with me, hopefully. 

I really am fond of this app.

In other news, (ha) someone stole 2 of the 6 bottles of dollar spices I picked up for everyone to use in the breakroom. Dick.

Done this week so far:
1. Ripped the carpet off the stairs, including carpet tack sticks, staples and padding, off 14 stairs. Jason is planning on picking up the oak hardwood treads on Friday or Saturday morning and beginning to replace our steps.  They'll be stained after we pick out our hardwood flooring we want to replace the other, more entirely horizontal carpet in the rest of the house.
2. Cleaned the kitchen and made steps to de-clutter the living room. Most of the useless crap we have is in paper format, and we can't just dump it willy-nilly. 
3. Preliminary designs done for CFAC. Kinda happy with it, needs more work, I think. Picked up fabric samples.  Forgot to use my 50% off coupon for Hancocks. Drat. Need to poke my machine and see if I can use it tomorrow at all. 

To do:
1. Polish up resume.
2. Make gluten-free pumpkin-cinnamon rolls. (pick up pumpkin and cream cheese)
3. Buy Kings Dominion ticket for haunting night online, should save a few bucks
4. Sketch more ideas for CFAC
5. see if there's anything else I need to order online or through ebay for my Halloween costume - to allow for shipping time. I think I'm good with what I have so far, but.....
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Today is day one of starting Louie and Shoney on glucosamine. Web reading indicates that there isn't anything out there that says 'yes, this will definitly help your cat', it just depends from cat to cat or animal to animal. You never know if a good review on Amazon is from an employee of the company, but I've heard good things about giving glucosamine to elderly cats, so we've got our fingers crossed.

As per the greenies pill pockets, we also bought the 'dog' glucosamine since you get four times as much for half the price (same thing with pill pockets - 30 'dog' pockets cost the same as 30 'cat' pockets are are four times as big), with the exact same ingredients. The product is also made in USA so yay. (not china). Shoney is on 250 mg and Louie is on 125 mg per day, as Shoney is 22 lbs and Louie is only about 10.

Various websites claim that it'll take a few weeks to notice any difference. If there is one, it'll likely show up in Shoney first, since he's the one who seems to be suffering the most from arthritis and old kitty age. I really hope it works for the poor old guy. If there's no effect for eight weeks, we'll switch to another brand or two first before giving it up altogether. The doggie stuff is nice because the dry tablets break apart easily and can be wrapped up in pill pockets and nommed handily, no forcing a pill down anybody's throat (more yay).

So we'll see how it goes, I guess. I have hopes. The main difference is that this brand doesn't have conjointin (spelling?) in it, just glucosamine, manganese, vitamin C and something called MSM. So I don't know if we'll need that too or not. It's a 'therapeutic' thing, since there's no proving or disproving whether or not it actually helps, so the vet can only suggest it, not prescribe.

PS - if you have a pet and have never tried pill pockets? they're incredible. They're soft, malleable 'pocket' shaped treats that can be formed around a pill. Even our cats will gobble whole pills down on their own if it's wrapped in one of those things. The pockets are very soft and we break up the dog ones into 5 or 6 cat ones, so they aren't getting a huge amount of treat every day either. Sometimes we do give them pieces of pill pocket as a treat so they won't always suspect it contains pills or other nasty tasting meds.
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Photo taken this morning. I don't know why exactly, but I just really like it.
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It's nearly always a bad idea to do such things, and I did it once before and it didn't work out, but that was something else.

I bought a bikini off Victoria's Secret that I really like. As far as bikini's go, it's actually not too skimpy - not a thong or anything, it's fairly full coverage.

I have decided, that, no matter what happens with my weight, I'm going to wear it this summer. So if I end up being pudgy person in a bikini, well, a lot of people at the beach will probably be sad.

But dammit, I'm going to wear it. Not 'if' I lose those last 10 pounds (more like 15 now). That is actually more motivation that 'wanting to' be able to wear it.

if It was an unreasonable amount of weight loss, or if I was trying to get anorexic, that would be a totally different story.

But I want to be around 140-145 lbs, taking into account muscle weight from bodypump and strength training - I know weight and BMI isn't the bottom line, it's amount of pudge. The knowledge that I don't have that much to lose, in reality, is actually making me more lazy, I think.

And then Jason went and bought two boxes of girl scout cookies yesterday.

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So, it's been talked about before, but since our house is becoming steadily gluten-free, and more cooking is done at home, some interesting ideas have come up.

Shellie recently mentioned she is disgusted with everything you can buy pre-made. I feel more or less similarily, but don't mind buying a few things that I don't feel like making at home.

Until now.

So, sometime, either this week, or another week, and/or a week when my tomatoe plants have begun producing stupid amounts of tomatoes - we are going to have a condiment making party.

it'll be a non-girls night, so anyone who is interested is welcome. We're going to make large batches of ketchup, mustard, salad dressings, salsa, pickles, relishes, mayonnaise, caramel sauce, chocolate sauce, bbq sauce, Worcestershire sauce, and anything else we can come up with, on a couple nights of the week, cause doing all of them in one night might get ridiculous. Pickled eggs might be fun too.

I'll likely buy the first round of mason jars, and bring my canner. I figure we can make batches of 10 of anything and hopefully send each person home with 2 jars each. The first night will likely be a mayonnaise or other salad dressing and a bbq sauce, since neither require fresh tomatoes, and I really want to wait for real, garden tomatoes on salsa and ketchup.
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So I'm at work, watching the snow (slowly) pile up.

The original forecast was for 5-10 inches, and we have about 2, currently. Work must have thought it was going to be super serious because they sent someone out to the grocery store. They came back with 30 loaves of bread, about 4 gallons of crunchy and smooth peanut butter, 15 bottles of squeeze jelly/jam, 8 large boxes of pop-tars, 3 bags of chips, 6 packs of store brand cookies, 3 packs of 12 mini-blueberry muffins, 8 boxes of store brand apple nutra-grain bars, 3 pounds of ham, 3 large packs of fake sliced cheese food, mayo, mustard, and.. uh. 3 bags of apples. (woo! some actual fruit!)

My brain catalogs weird things. I didn't actually stand there and count everything, it just sticks in my brain.

Anyway, no pizza this time, but at least everyone can have sandwiches if we're snowed in at the station for a week.

They told everyone to pack a bag too, so if something freakish happens and we actually do get another 8 inches of snow during my shift and I can't get home, I have my DS, a Conan book, a sketch pad, and of course, the internet. And a pillow. :shrug:

My boss is happy that I followed the email instructions of bringing some sort of overnight bag, so that's good.

I may get overtime tomorrow. My other graphics co-workers all live further away than I do, so for safety reasons, it'd be best for me to go home an come back tomorrow or stay in a hotel a block away (paid by company) and work someone else's shift tomorrow. The snow isn't AS BAD as they thought it'd be, so it's up to my co-worker and his ability to get out of east bumfuck to get here, so we'll see.

I was hoping to have a snuggly weekend with husby, but overtime is nice too.

On the bright side, this is only really the second time since I've worked here that the weather policy has actively worked against me. We're a news station, so everyone who is schedule better damn well be here. We don't close for anything, period. If someone can't make it due to weather, they must either take an unpaid day off or use vacation time (not sick time). Fortunately, I got in okay, and last time, though the last time this happened, it was more ice on the ground, I was driving my tank BMW, and had a hell of a time getting to work. This time wasn't so bad, just nerve wracking when a car in front of us fishtailed across 3 lanes of empty road.

Also, snow on my birthday! yay!

::UPDATE:: overtime is confirmed. yay!
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Well, a whole ten days.

I would like to personally thank "Scrubs" (an older episode) for the concept of "brinner". Jason and I have been doing around an every other weds night Brinner. What is brinner? Brinner is the lovely concept of 'breakfast for dinner' - it may not be new, and probably wasn't even invented by Turk from Scrubs, but since it has a name, and we we like to watch Scrubs, it stuck in our heads. A month or two ago, we were trying to figure out dinner, we had nothing really dinner like handy, and we were like 'hey, lets do brinner!" so we had eggs, bacon and something else breakfasty and it was delicious.

last night I made steak, over easy eggs, sliced tomatoes, hashbrowns with onion, peppers and garlic, and cut up some oranges for brinner. It was heavenly. There's something magical about medium-rare steak run through a runny egg yolk and hot sauce.


I have decided that we need new wide, shallow serving bowls just for the purpose of being able to eat hashbrowns with eggs and steak on top of them in a compact dish instead of flat plate.

For my birthday next weekend, I have decided that I really want to do Paintball. With dinner before or after, however it works at a place most people can at least go to celebrate if they can't afford/do paintball later/earlier.

I haven't done paintball in too long. I need to clean up my gun and buy some new ammo, as I'm sure anything that I may currently own will be hard and rock-like.

I did some pricing on putting together some sort of home gym to take up part of the garage. I think I'm going to start keeping an eye out for craigslisting for gym equipment that people just want to get rid of. Newer weights are $1 per pound on average, and used ones are .50 per lb on average, but every used bar or plate that I've seen at play it again Sports looks like crap. And most of the new weights are all made in china, which is mind boggling to me. If I have to buy stuff made in china, maybe I can ate least buy someone else's' second hand gym. And disinfect the hell out of it.

Has anyone ever use the fill with sand type weights? how are they?
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So, has anyone on my friends' list worked with liquid latex before?

I'm pondering doing that Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas shot before spring, while everything is bare, cold and nasty.

However, if I do it, I'd like to go full on coverage with liquid latex (need to double check my supply of blue paint too). I don't know if it would be better to make the skin seams out of latex and then apply it to my skin, or apply them as I'm getting ready and try to blend the latex into the color of my (blue) skin. I'd like to do the stitches in the skin seams as well.

I can't cover my entire body in fabric (she is a ragdoll) but I'd like to paint and latex on my arms and legs to match my face, rather than necessarily doing gloves.

If I do the arm/leg coverage route, I need new fabric, or extra long gloves I can modify. The fabric I currently have really doesn't look very good, and doesn't match the color of my body paint. From a distance, it may not make much difference if I do bodypaint or arm/leggings, but I still run into the problem of matching colors.

If I do the all over latex route, I can go for extra creepyness with the raised stitches on my arms and legs, which appeals to me much more, but it will HAVE to be blended right.. Arm covers with stitches is still just arm covers.. and to me, it's (usually) pretty obvious when someone is wearing gloves for a costume instead of paint on the hands.

Ehn.. Anyone want to be a make-up assistant for this shot when it gets organized?

found this.. looks cool http://www.cutoutandkeep.net/projects/fake_skin_for_stitches_scars_etc

maybe I can do giant patches..
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Kind of a resolution, kind of a 'I didn't gain weight this year, yay!' post.

This past year, I made a resolution to keep going to BodyPump class. I have managed to do it all year, though I confess, I did miss a month here and there.. Not just a week, but too long periods of time. I went again yesterday. The gym has renovated and instead of being in the back of the class, where I usually stake out my spot, I found myself in front of a bright, new, clean, huge, flat mirror.

And I was happy with what I saw.

I am one of those people who seem to have body issues even though I don't have that much weight to lose, and to be perfectly fair, at my absolute heaviest I was 169.. I'm now 149 and still trying/not really trying to lose that last 10 lbs. (i'm currently 3 lbs under my wedding weight, 3 years, 3 months and 6 days ago)

But at least I didn't gain any weight this year, my arms look better, my legs look better, my boobs look fantastic. My arm flap isn't as bad as it used to be, and over this past year, I feel like I've gained some real definition. I can't stop sneaking a peek at the 'skinny' girls in the club though, and being envious.

I have no illusions about trying to eat really much less than I do - if I go under 1500 calories in a day, I'm a very sad panda, and usually am in the 1600-1700 range (with days where I just eat more because I want to). I have a friend who eat far more than I do (we all have them) and has a flat tummy, but she's also a marathon runner, and I admire her very much for her discipline. She, like many women, doesn't realize how awesome she is : )

This year, I'm getting back to yoga and continuing the bodypump class, even if I don't make it in twice a week. Even if I don't ever lose those last 10 lbs, I'm pretty happy the way I am now, and don't want to lose what I've gained, so to speak.
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Yay! I can finally post these! we gave this lil' guy to Kris, the Alien plush toy was Jason's idea. Putting in the pet box was mine.

The lady at the pet store gave us an odd look.. I wonder why.
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I apparently haz them.

Not like Jason's, thankfully. My dad had migraines from time to time, but I don't think he's had any in a long time, and I never actually knew what caused them.

I wasn't 100% sure. That Saturday 2 weeks ago that I went home, I was nauseous, slightly light sensitive, had a screaming headache and felt barfy. I went home and slept for 6 hours. I figured it was just a flu. The light-sensitivity probably should have been the main clue, but I dismissed it as an over reaction in combination with the other symptoms.

This past Saturday.. yeah. not so much.

This time it was definitely a mini-migraine, and most of it passed in about 30 minutes, probably took a total of about 2 hours. I took Tylenol and Maalox, turned off the TV, closed my eyes and sat still for about 30 minutes. I was determined not to go home sick 2 weekends nearly in a row and stick someone else with my shift. It's just as well, because I'm not 100% I should have driven home the way I was during the worst part of it, when I most wanted to go home.

I don't know if it was dehydration or something else, but Jason seems to think it's that. I felt better after drinking a cup of hot cider (packet style, but hot water and sugar, regardless). I drank a full bottle of water, but it was really the cider that helped the fastest and most, I believe. I don't think it was a low sugar issue, because I don't skip meals, and dinner the previous night-new years eve-was burgers, veggies and dip and chips, and I ate a lot, along with a big ass piece of chocolate cake, and Champagne. Wait, that was Thursday.. Friday.. I did the 4 mile hike and ate half a veggie burger for dinner. And s'mores afterwards. Well, I had 1.5 s'mores, one with chocolate and one with a reese PB cup (OMGYUM).

We'll see if it happens again. If that was a low-grade migraine (and I"m sure it was) I hope to gods I never get any like Jason's. I should email dad and see if he has any ideas on what might have brought his on.
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